Yale Chapter of Providers For Responsible Ordering

L. Scott Sussman, MD (Scott.Sussman@ynhh.org)
Ijeoma Ejigiri, MD
Robert Fogerty, MD (Robert.Fogerty@yale.edu)
Educational Projects:
I-CARE: The Interactive Cost-Awareness Resident Exercise.  Link to PubMed

- RBC utilization: “why use 2 when 1 will do” in order to have ordering providers use evidenced base transfusion criteria, included a link to choosing wisely guidelines in the order
- Platelet transfusion: language clarification around indications and a required phone call for platelet orders of 2 units or greater
- Foley catheter removal:   Ordering-protocol for nursing to remove catheter in 24 hours
- Duplicate lab testing notification
- Procalcitonin testing:  To assist in distinguishing viral versus bacterial respiratory infections and reduce unnecessary antibiotics
- Syncope ordersets: Removal of echocardiogram, CT head, EEG and carotid doppler from the default order set, and adding orthostatic blood pressure
- Lab utilization: Development of a "No AM labs" order to prevent night teams from accidentally ordering unnecessary labs for the day team. 
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