University of Michigan Health System

Faculty Advisors: 
Christopher Petrilli, MD
Lauren Heidemann, MD

Resident Director:
Jessie Voit, MD

Analytic Team:
Paul Durance, PhD

Project Management Team:
Matt Johnson
(Performance Improvement Consultant)

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Targets and Projects:

1. Inpatient thrombophilia testing
2. Cardiac rhythm monitoring (telemetry)
3. Procalcitonin and respiratory viral per panel utilization
4. Appropriate use and timing of vancomycin/tobramycin levels
6. "Routine" daily morning labs

7. Nebulizer treatments after 24-hours

8. Preoperative testing (Chest Xray, stress testing, etc)

Opportunities for publication:

(JAMA requires that first author is a Trainee)

Journal of Hospital Medicine