University of Colorado School of Medicine, PRO Chapter

Faculty Chapter Director: 

Brandon P. Combs, MD

Assistant Professor
Division of General Internal Medicine
University of Colorado School of Medicine

Resident Director

*** (Interested Resident) ***

An initiative begun at the University of Colorado. 

Do No Harm Project Home Page

- to use clinical vignettes written by trainees to improve recognition of harms that may result from medical overuse
- to drive a needed culture change in the practice of medicine

- an initiative at JAMA Internal Medicine to invite case reports in which overuse led to patient harm.  
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I pledge to provide my patients with all of the care that they need and none that they do not, thereby protecting them from unnecessary diagnostic tests and treatments.  Accordingly:  

I will order diagnostic tests only after considering how they will change management or prognosis. 

For all interventions and treatment choices, I will consider the additional suffering and the potential for medical and financial harm, along with any expected benefits. 

I will incorporate the patient’s goals and values into my ordering decisions, through a process of shared decision-making.