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The following are resources meant for medical training programs, to assist with high-value care education among medical students and residents


 SOAP-V The SOAP-V approach adds a "Value" section to the conventional Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan format of daily progress notes.  This section serves as a cognitive-forcing function that prompts clinicians to consider value in a concise and routine way. 

    Developed by: Eileen M. Moser, MD, MHPE; Sara Fazio, MD; Grace Huang, MD; Susan Glod, MD; Clifford Packer, MD



Interactive Cost-Awareness Resident Exercise

Interactive Cost-Awareness Resident Exercise

Fogerty RL, Heavner JJ, Moriarty JP, Sofair AN, Jenq G. Novel integration of systems-based practice into internal medicine residency programs: The interactive cost-awareness resident exercise (I-CARE) Teach Learn Med. 2014; 26:90-94

A training activity, created at Yale University, comprised of a series of cases, each of which can be run at a morning report or noon conference.  Cases allow groups of trainees to attempt to make the diagnosis with all of the required testing and nothing extra.  Costs of the diagnostics are revealed at the end of the case.


Teaching Value Project is focused on the medical education of clinicians towards a goal of deflating medical costs. Providers can sign up for free and get access to great tools to learn more about ways to cut costs.  These modules were created by Costs of Care. 
  • The High Value Care Curriculum from the ACP is an initiative focused on helping physicians provide optimal care for patients while reducing unnecessary costs to the healthcare system. ACP is "committed to reducing the unsustainable financial burdens to our healthcare system."
    • ACP Guidelines / Clinical Recommendations

    Costs of Health Care Curriculum, Do we Really Need It?

    An excellent introductory presentation on the costs of health care and why high-value care education is important.  

        Presentation created by Dr. Binay Eapen, Mount Carmel West Hospital, Columbus OH


     Bayview Red Team

      Bayview Red Team Curriculum is a resident ward team focused on understanding high-value care. The curriculum aims to train young physicians to think critically about the diagnostic tests and treatments that they order, so as to provide the best care possible for our patients. PRO members are currently working with faculty to do a needs assessment and advise curriculum changes, with the aim to incorporate both inpatient and outpatient objectives.