PRO has thus far been a grassroots movement.  The following are guidelines for PRO Chapters.
Step 1. Build a local group
  • Identify a faculty advisor for your PRO Chapter. 
    • Ideally a faculty member with an interest or a background in high-value care who will be present for continuity over the next few years.
  • Identify a resident director for your PRO Chapter. 
    • Ideally, a current physician-trainee who can serve to organize local efforts within the residency.
  • Identify a ProCore.
    • These are members of your group who are interested in contributing to local QI or educational projects, and are willing to attend local PRO meetings and help out.
  • Identify your local PRO members
    • We define membership as anybody who is philosophically aligned with the movement towards high-value care and is willing to take the pledge
Step 2: Take local action
Step 3: Identify Targets for Local Projects
  • See current chapter pages and the toolbox for project ideas. Some include:
    •  Cardiac Enzyme Reduction (elimination of CK-MB, and guideline-based use of troponin).
    •  "Nebs no more, at 24" - UCSF-based project
    •  Reduction of "routine" AM-lab ordering - Vanderbilt-based Project
    • Serum Folate reduction
    • "Routine" Chest X-ray reduction in ICU settings
  • Talk to stakeholders at your institution for targets that would be administratively supported and feasible.

Step 4: Share your success

  • Update your PRO chapter site with active projects and work
  • Consider adding resources to the toolbox and references page, to share with other PRO sites
(attached to an ID Badge)