Chapter Expectations And Activities

As a grassroots organization, our success depends on you!


1. Support:
  • We will connect you to resources within PRO and other PRO chapters as appropriate.
  • PRO will organize for inter-chapter meetings to facilitate the exchange of ideas and project updates. We also aim to have an annual summit where everyone can share their work.
2. Resources:
  • PRO will send biweekly newsletters (called ProPages) to all members who sign up. These newsletters will Chapter updates and a review of interesting news and articles in High Value Care.
  • We will provide a home for useful resources under the Resources tab of our website. We encourage you to share this with your chapter members so they can be used in making responsible ordering decisions. 
  • We will provide a home for project tools in our website's Toolbox tab of our website. We encourage you to look there for seeds for your chapter's projects.
3. Visibility:
  • PRO will highlight your work in our biweekly ProPages as you indicate, and offer a space to have open questions for other chapters.
  • PRO will host a website with a webpage dedicated to your chapter. You can use this webpage to relay information about upcoming events for your chapter, and provide resources.

4. Structure:

  • We aim to provide a method for local action and culture change, and be a structure in which to organize like-minded people.


1. Have a local leadership team (ProCore) with internal structure that can guide the work of the chapter. We will communicate most directly with the faculty advisor and resident director. We define the following:
  • A faculty advisor is a faculty member with an interest or a background in high-value care who will be present for continuity over the next few years.
  • A resident director is a current physician-trainee who can serve to organize local efforts within the residency.
  • ProCore members are dedicated individuals who are committed to take some leadership role within the chapter. They may be members who are contributing to local QI or education projects, working to build capacity and resources for the chapter, and/or advancing the culture of High-Value Care within the institution. They are expected to attend local PRO meetings and have a vote in group decisions.
  • Chapter members are individuals who philosophically aligned with the movement towards high-value care and is willing to take the pledge. They are invited to attend general meetings and contribute however they seem fit. 

2. Advance work in the following areas:

  • Work on one high-value promoting project, at a minimum, over the course of the academic year. Refer to our toolkit for a few ideas for chapters. Find a target that is relevant to your institution.
  • Design (or continue) one educational activity for your institution - either as part of residency education, the medical school curriculum, or for providers at large. We would like to include the activity on the website's education tab if it is relevant for other chapters.
  • Encourage a culture of hig-value at your institution, with at least one email to providers at your institution inviting them to sign the pledge and join the organization.

3. Keep your chapter page on the PRO website up to date.

4. Contribute to ProPages with chapter updates (as appropriate) and for new articles/links (two per year at minimum)

5. Participate in quarterly conference calls and the annual all-chapter meeting.

6. Update PRO national with your chapter's activities, through email or phone, on a regular basis.

7. Use the PRO logo and name appropriately, without edits unless pre-approved. We encourage using it for project posters and chapter materials. Please contact us if you would like to use it otherwise.

8. For continuity, have a transition plan at the end of the academic year for identifying the new leadership team.