Faculty Advisor: Sonali Palchaudhuri, MD
Resident Director: Karan Desai, MD

Faculty Advisor: Scott Sussman, MD

Faculty Advisor: Jesse Hickland, MD
Resident Director: Ross Bickford, MD
Faculty Advisor: Binay Eapen, MD

Faculty Advisors: Gretchen Diemer, MD, Emily Stewart, MD
Resident Director: Jad AlDanaf, MD

Faculty Advisor: Sara-Megumi Naylor, MD, Kristin Schwab, MD

Faculty Advisors: Vineet Arora, MD, Andy Davis, MD
Resident Director: Nikhil Bassi, MD

Faculty Advisors: Christopher Petrilli, MD & Lauren Heidemann, MD
Resident Director: Jessie Voit, MD

Faculty Advisor: Tejas Patel, MD MPH MBA
Resident Director: Kamala Ramya Kallur, MD

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