Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Baltimore MD

Faculty Advisor:
Anthony Accurso, MD (outgoing)
Sonali Palchaudhuri, MD (incoming)

Resident Leader:
Sonali Palchaudhuri, MD (outgoing)
Karan Desai, MD (incoming)

Bayview ProCore Members:
Stephanie Chen, MD
Jonathan Thorp, MD, MBA
Lauren Brooks, MD
Estelle Everett, MD
Ali Thaver, MD, MPH
Keshav Khanijow, MD
Karan Desai, MD

Founder and Advisor:
Jeff Trost, MD

Sonali Palchaudhuri presenting PRO projects at her senior case conference, May 2016.  

Bayview PRO Meeting: Feb 18, 2016. (Anthony Accurso, Joyce Maygers, Orion Courtin, Estelle Everett, Jeff Trost, Stephanie Chen, Jarrett Pytell, Sonali Palchaudhuri, Randy Komenski)

PRO resident meeting: Dec 2013.  (Stephanie Chen, Chelsea Ngongang, Anthony Accurso, George John, Sonali Palchaudhuri, Daniel Kim, Lauren Brooks, all MD's)

Current Projects and Targets

PRO and its members have been actively involved in several projects that have been shared at local and national meetings.

Ongoing PRO Projects:

  • Project Cardiac Enzymes
  • Project ICU Morning CXR
    • Move from daily x-rays to on-demand ordering
  • Project Tele
    • Appropriately order inpatient non-ICU telemetry monitoring, by indication and length
  • Project BoCO
    • Develop novel plot for visualizing cost of tests/medications in context of frequency
  • Project Worksheets
    • Develop worksheets for outpatient clinics for patients, for shared decision making regarding commonly over-ordered interventions (antibiotics for sinusitis, imaging for back pain, etc)
Proposed Targets:
  • Project Fingerstick
    • Reduce burden of routine fingersticks for inpatients when not changing management
  • Project PPI
    • Appropriately initiate and discontinue acid suppression therapy in the hospital for stress ulcer prophylaxis
  • Project CTA
    • Appropriately triage risk for PE in the ED before ordering CTAs